Mount Shivalik Public School, Near Shimla Airport, Jubbarhatti, Himachal Pradesh 171011
08:30AM to 04:30PM


Mount Shivalik is a co-educational boarding and day school situated at Jubberhatti, Airport Shimla and not only a school which only welcomes boarders and non-boarders, the school's beautiful twelve bighas campus with a vast ranges of fona, flora and birds life provide all students with ample green space, fresh air where they are able to born and live . It is an environment rarely offered by the schools in large and small cities in India.
Mount Shivalik is an institution with international standards in education, co- scholastic activities, sports, infrastructure and facilities that embrace the demands of modern curriculum. Marching ahead with the motto "WE SOAR HIGH" the school has entered a new decade completing its journey of ten years with a strong feeling of nurturing the young minds to become good and well adjusted citizen of the country.
We achieved new heights in Acadamics, Debate, Science Congress, Quiz, Painting, Dance and Dramatics. The school aim is dedicated to the aim of nurturing CBSE toppers in districts, state and country.


Jubberhatti is a village where the Shimla airport is situated ,though it appears to be marked in the map yet it is not provided with the basic facilities such as proper medical facilities and educational institution.
A main motive behind laying the foundation of the institute was to overcome this regional disparity. Very few pupils sent to good schools of Shimla and majority of students completed their education in government schools.
It was observed that most of the students of our region fail to compete with the outside world where there is cut throat competition. Education has a power to mould ones life therefore, the school was opened to make sure that the children of our school or region reached the pinnacle of success and are not left behind just because they live in villages. Following facilities are provided by the school to the students to accomplish this vision.
1) Conducive and healthy environment where student and teacher share a balanced relationship.
2) It is said that children are like clay and teachers are potters that mould them into a good human being. Hence well qualified and competent staff is appointed by the management so that the children learn the maximum.
3) A healthy mind exist in a healthy body is one of the most famous quote, in order to do justice to it we have separate fields for volleyball, kho – kho, badminton, basketball and many indoor games are also available.
4) E – class facility is also provided to the students because human brain learn maximum through listening and seeing together.
5) Mission is the holistic developments of the students.


Goal Sharing
Goal setting is an important part of our work. Goals are of two types:
1) Subordinate Goals
2) Performance Goals
Subordinate Goals: Arrived from vision building and decision setting activities. These goals are achieved by delegating the duties and responsibilities to the teachers. To make them aware why they are here and what are their duties. In the beginning of the year different heads are formed for accomplishing the different tasks assigned to them. E.g. Heads of different clubs, media committee, house incharge and subject head.
Various house activities are conducted throughout the year. All houses are given chance to perform the duties in the scheduled time e.g. one house is assigned the duty of managing assembly, second house to maintain discipline in the school, third and fourth houses are given the duties to decorate the different boards on topic assigned to them.
Every month the duties change and the management assign marks to them. At the end of the session the students and teachers of the winner house are awarded.
Performance Goals: These are set up to achieve the vision of the school. We lay emphasis on the holistic development of the students. Beside extra curricular activities the main focus is on academic performance. To meet out this every year school calendar is prepared which shows schedule of examination and other co – curricular activities. Teachers are given some target that they have to achieve within that assigned period.
  • To bring weaker section to main channel we encourage teachers to take extra classes of the weak students and they have to submit reports of their performance from time to time.
  • Teachers whose result is excellent are awarded in the annual function of the school. For every person appreciation is must. If we appreciate their work, they will definitely work hard to achieve their target.
  • To conduct examination in a fair manner a set of three question papers are prepared by every teacher and final paper is decided by the examination incharge.
  • As vision is that every student of our school must achieve something in life and he/she will become well adjusted and successful person of the society and proves to be asset to the country.
  • So we focus on the overall development of the students. Inspite of main course students are trained in different activities like classical dance, fine arts, sports, martial arts, etc. students are doing excel in various activities assigned by CBSE as well as department of education and some NGOs.